Safer Internet is a Shared Duty. MISA and Metamorphosis mark the Safer Internet Day

Skopje, February 5th, 2019

Macedonia joins 140 countries from the world that mark the International Safer Internet Day today, under the motto "Together for Safer Internet". Marking this day is actually a call for action to all stakeholders to join forces and help create a safer internet for all, especially for young people. 

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, and the Metamorphosis Foundation mark the day with a new educational video to raise awareness in young people on the need of safer and more responsible utilization of online technologies and mobile phones.

All interested parties may participate in the campaign and give their support, whereby they will:

Say NO to Cyber Violence

Online violence is a widespread problem and it is quite certain that anyone who is active on social media has witnessed or was a victim of such violence. However, the good news is that young people from Europe join their forces to combat online violence, by creating a campaign titled #TogetherForRespect.

Protect their Privacy Online

Online privacy may seem silly from this perspective; however, personal data protection is paramount for secure and safe utilization of the opportunities offered by the online world. Citizens' data is constantly collected by social media platforms and various applications used on a daily basis. If citizens fail to pay attention to privacy settings, malicious persons may gain access to citizens' data and to use that data to damage reputations or for blackmail.

Learn to Think Critically

Internet scams and frauds are widespread and may impose serious consequences to anyone affected. In addition to scams, a much larger problem is that of misinformation and false news. Therefore, development of media literacy skills is absolutely necessary.

This website enlists all activities taking place in the world, whereby people with similar ideas and proposals attempt to make the Internet a safe place for all.

Additional resources on the manner of protection of children and young people are available on the designated website of Children’s Rights on the Internet – Safe and Protected (CRISP) Project crisp.org.mk or on bezbednonainternet.mk.

Activities organized for the Safer Internet Day can also be followed on social media, under the hashtags #SID2019 and #SaferInternetDay.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration